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Looking to optimise your wedding expenses without compromising on everything and anything? You have come to the right place, SpendOnWedding.com. 

We understand that wedding expenses could add up quickly and you’re looking to get maximum enjoyment and satisfaction with the money that you have. We are not big spenders, but are wise spenders. Our guides would help you to make better financial decisions. With that being said, we’d ask you to contact a wedding planner if you want to do everything risk free and perfectly.

We’re inspired by wedding magazines and websites like The Knot, Wedding Wire e.t.c. But they all concentrate on everything and thus miss minute details related to wedding budget. That’s why SpendOnWedding is created.  We started our journey on May 19, 2017 as part of the content marketing company, IQuese Media LLC as CostFreak and later rebranded to many narrow sites including SpendOnWedding.  

Our guides are either written by event/wedding planners or freelance writers after hours of research offline and online. 

Meet The Team

Amy Zhao

Certified Wedding Planner, Editor

Summer McLane

Summer McLane

Wedding and Event Planner


What ever you have to talk to us, send it off and we’ll reply as soon as possible. We don’t welcome spam, though. 

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