How Much Do Boutonnieres Cost?

Real men don’t dance. Real men don’t cry. But tough guys wear pink. And flowers too. Yes, they can. And no, not the large floral shirts, please!

If women have their corsages and bouquet of flowers, men have their boutonnieres. These are floral decorations typically comprised of a flower but can sometimes be just a bud and are mainly worn during special occasions like weddings, prom night, or funerals. But lately, they have been seen being worn casually by some. Hello, One Direction!

Although they may seem simple, they can have varying costs depending on their components. So, exactly how much does boutonniere cost? Let us find out below.

Average Cost of Boutonnieres

The average boutonniere prices are around $18 with the cost ranging between $15 and $35 each depending on the type of flowers, location, etc. It’s very little compared to the total expenses for flowers in a typical wedding. 

Meanwhile, the let’s you buy a corsage and boutonniere together at a discounted price. Below are the combinations:

  • Red Rose Corsage & Boutonniere – $59.95
  • Pink Rose Corsage & Boutonniere – $59.95
  • White Rose Corsage & Boutonniere –$59.95

On the other hand, listed the following average boutonniere prices per flower type:

Daisy or Carnation (small) $5 to $10

Fresh Rose (medium) $10

Fresh Lily $15 to $20

Gerbera Daisy $15 to $20

Calla Lily Boutonniere $10 to $27

Carnation Boutonniere $11 to $20

Daisy Boutonniere $13 to $30

Gardenia Boutonniere $12 to $30

Hydrangea Boutonniere $9 to $35

Orchid Boutonniere $13 to $24

Peony Boutonniere $11 to $35

If you are not too particular with the finish of your boutonnieres, artificial types can range around $2 to $20 depending on quality and the volume of order. Although these tend to not look as good as the real ones, they can get you through the occasion with a limited budget.

What are Included?

Purchasing boutonnieres at local flower shops would include the price of the flower or flowers, the labor fee for the arrangement and styling that includes adding decorations, ribbons and the wraps.

Additional Costs

Buying online would normally be charged an additional fee for the shipping depending on the volume of orders and the proximity. But you can also purchase online and just pick up the items so that you would not have to pay the shipping.

Rush orders would typically entail an additional cost for expediting your request.

Shopping for Boutonnieres

One of the most effective ways of looking for a good flower supplier is through referral. Asking some friends and relatives for a good florist that they have recently had a transaction with is a good way to start.

You may want to try and get free quotes from to have an idea of around how much budget you need to set aside for your occasion.

Factors Affecting Boutonniere Costs

Boutonniere can be a very simple ornament but since it is made of flowers which have limited lifespans, the total amount of your expenditures would be affected by all the factors that affect the cost of any other flower products. These factors include the following:

Type of flower – the type of flowers used is the number one factor in determining how much does boutonniere cost. One reason is the rarity of the flower because of the season or the flowers just come from faraway places like abroad.

Source – stores have varying cost of boutonnieres due to factors like cost of doing business and may also be affected by the reputation as well as the popularity of the flower shop which have effects on the pricing.

Location – if you happen to live in a place where flowers are scarce, then expect to pay a higher price for any type of flower products.

Season – the price of the flowers in the boutonniere would depend on whether these flowers are in season or not. Those that do not naturally bloom in the month of the occasion would come from other places which are usually the opposite of your location’s weather, typically from other countries, therefore would entail shipping cost that the supplier would pass on the retail price.

Custom-made or Pre-made – as with any items, custom-made boutonnieres would typically be more expensive than the pre-made ones, depending on the kind of flowers and materials used.

The color of your outfit – the color of your outfit can also affect the cost of the boutonniere as the color of the flower should coordinate with the suit.

Type of occasion – occasions typically have motifs so you do not really have much of an option but to coordinate your boutonniere with the rest of the entourage. Flowers typically match or coordinate the dress and suits during special occasions like weddings.

Volume – those purchased in volume typically cost lower compared to being bought by piece as flower suppliers give discounts for bulk orders.

Promotions – if you would be able to chance upon special promotions of flower shops during special occasions, then, expect to save some cost by buying in combos or discounted price just by purchasing during the promo duration.

Additional Information

As much as some flowers look more elegant and pleasing to the eyes, you can try and look for alternatives that resemble your ideal flowers but are cheaper. First to consider is ordering flowers that are in season as these tend to cost way lower than others. It would not even hurt to choose the silk types because they are not only cheaper, but they do not really need special kind of care as you wait for the special day to come.

It is best to pick up the flowers on the day of the occasion as the florist knows how to take care of them while they are still in their care. If you pick them up too early, they might wilt because of the humidity. But if it can’t be avoided for some reasons, keep them refrigerated to keep them looking fresh.

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