How Much Do Corsages Cost?

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”

Ever had any trivial thoughts of just about anything like, why in every occasion, flowers are the center of attraction? As experts put it, flowers symbolize the celebration of life and love.

And why not? Flowers are the commencement of a lot of things we enjoy. From the fruits that follow that feed us, although some flowers are edible in itself; the clothes we wear that are mostly the end product of a cycle that starts with the flower of a plant; the perfume that comes from their scent or at least the inspiration of them; and just the sight of them inspire us and uplifts our weary spirits in a unique kind of way.

That’s apart from the fact that they are really pretty to look at that they are not limited to site decorations but also as body ornaments and accessories as well.

Some of the more popular examples of these are the corsages or those small bouquets of flowers worn around the wrist or pinned on the dress of women when attending formal occasions.

Average Cost of Corsages

The average corsage prices range between $15 and $65 depending on the type of flower used, the design, the vendor, etc.

Garden Gate Vintage Flowers and Events charge their corsages at $35 each, while if you live in Guam, Tove’s Flowers and Boutique offers a rose corsage and boutonniere for a combo price of $30 only.

The average corsage prices at are fixed at $39.95 regardless of the kind of flower and arrangement. But they offer a promo for the purchase of a corsage with a boutonniere, which usually cost between $19.95 up to $39.95, for a combo price of $49.95 to $59.95. has the following prices for their corsages:

  • The FTD Poetry Corsage – $64.99
  • The FTD Rose Bloom Corsage – $29.99
  • The FTD Purple Dusk Corsage – $34.99
  • The FTD Pure Heaven Corsage – $39.99
  • The FTD Rose Charm Corsage – $34.99
  • The FTD First Blush Corsage – $39.99
  • The FTD Irresistible Love Corsage – $39.99
  • The FTD Fresh Love Corsage – $34.99
Corsage for bride

What are Included

The price of the corsage would typically include the cost of the flowers; the service or the labor of the florist in arranging, decorating, and styling the flowers; and the wrap and the ribbon for the final product.

Additional Costs

Typically, you are going to be charged for the shipping especially when the corsages are coming from distant places. But you can look for shops that are willing to waive the shipping fee as part of a promotional campaign or as a volume purchase discount.

Shopping for Corsages

Get free quotes at for your corsage and other flower needs.

For a DIY corsage, you may check out for the instructions on how to make your own corsage.

Factors Affecting Cost of Corsages

Corsages may seem like a very trivial ornament considering their size but a lot of factors might actually affect their cost. Some of these include the following:

  • Type of flower – the type of flowers used in the corsage is the number one determinant of how much does a corsage cost. Be it due to the rarity of the flower because of the season or the flowers just do not come from any place near you.
  • Occasion – the type of occasion you would be attending would affect the cost, especially when ordering a custom-made, as some occasions require more flowers in the arrangement than others.
  • How many – volume discounts are also being offered especially by suppliers of flowers for different occasions.
  • Promotions – combo purchase is a popular promotional gimmick of flower shops and suppliers. This works by offering a corsage and another flower arrangement, typically a boutonniere at a discounted price when bought together.
  • Flower shop – where you buy would likely affect the cost of corsage because of the factors like cost of doing business as well as the popularity of the flower shop would be an integral part of the pricing.
  • Location – where you live would likely play a part on how much you pay for your corsage as flowers typically are cheaper in places where there is an abundant supply.
  • Season – the price of your choice of flowers for your corsage would depend on whether they are in season or not, as those that are not “in season” would typically come from other places and therefore would cost higher because of the shipping cost.

  • Custom-made or Pre-made – usually, a pre-made corsage is cheaper compared to custom-made, depending on the kind of flowers and materials used. The typical option if you are running out of time is the pre-made. But when you are preparing for an important occasion, a custom-made is usually preferred as you would want that occasion to be a memorable one.
  • Your outfit – the color of your outfit can also affect the cost of the corsage as the color of the flower should match or coordinate with the dress or suit. Also, what you wear would dictate whether you would need a pinned-on corsage or the one that is worn around the wrist.

Additional Information

  • Corsage got its name from the French word for the bodice of a woman’s dress where these mini bouquets were originally attached.
  • Men’s version of corsage is called a boutonniere.
  • Most flowers used as decorations on occasions or as a gift actually has a meaning. You can find some of the flowers’ representations from So the next time you received three red roses from someone, you know what to think.
  • When wearing a strapless dress, the corsage worn around the wrist would be the better option as the pinned-on type would not look good for that type of dress.
  • When attending a prom night and you are not sure what your date would wear, always choose the corsage that is worn around the wrist as it would look okay with any type of outfit.
  • Also, when you do not know the color of your date’s outfit, the safest choice would be white flowers as they would work with any color and actually would look more elegant.

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