How Much Do Wedding Venues Cost?

Americans spend roughly 48% to half of the total wedding budget on the venue and catering. But between the two factors that entail the biggest total spending, it is the choice of venue that truly demands the most meticulous deliberation. In fact, there are roughly 6 basic considerations that can directly impact your actual cost. Here are the following contributors worth remembering:

  • Location = transportation and logistics fees
  • Date = off-season discounts
  • Schedule = overtime extension fees
  • Number of Guests = rental cost per venue size
  • Indoor or Outdoor = cost of utility and decoration set-up
  • Contract Rules: = corkage fees (for non-affiliated vendors)
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The average wedding venue cost range in the United States is between $2,700 and $10,000. As for your ideal choice of wedding venue, check out and weigh the odds for these 9 popular varieties:

Banquet Hall

A survey study by The Knot in 2017 has revealed that around 17% of the American couples prefer the banquet hall – making it the most popular type of reception venue. One of its key advantages is that it is an all-inclusive location abounding in its own in-house rental packages.

Among the most favorable advantages of the banquet hall is that the interior decoration can be expedited. At around $7,300 of wedding hall renting fee, you can have a stylish indoor wedding reception that includes catering and drinks at the One Banquet Hall located at Queens, New York.

Farm or Barn

The farm or barn proves to be the second most popular wedding venue for American couples considering that it primarily caters to DIY planning. Unlike other wedding venues, the barn tends to require a lot of hands-on work in order to capture the scenic appeal of a decent festive interior.

The greatest advantage of celebrating weddings in a farm is that it is one of the most child-friendly venues around. Unlike other spatially-restricted places, tots can run around the empty fields to their heart’s content.

One of the most well-known rustic venues that have a decent church in its vicinity is Bennett Barn, located at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Minus the cost of catering and alcohol expenses, you can book a 12-hour schedule (including set-up and clean-up time) for as low as $5,900.

Historic Home

Being the third most popular wedding venue for American couples, historic homes/buildings appeal to the aesthetic value and cultural significance. It is a perfect destination for couples who are truly into vintage themes. In fact, anyone who prefers a specific era for its backdrop can simply look at the property’s date for immediate access to its relevant authentic interior décor.

Although certain rules must be observed in order to maintain its preservation, the biggest benefit of choosing an old historic house or mansion is that it feels cozy – as if you live there yourself, being the celebrant host. Among the most popular antique properties with scenic outdoors is the Historic Catskill Home sitting right next to Lexington’s (New York) Lake Champlain. Minus the cost of food and beverages, you can enjoy both the ceremony and reception for as low as around $5,500.

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One of the great advantages of celebrating weddings in a hotel is the fact that everything can happen in one place. This does not only mean the wedding day (ceremony and reception) but also the crucial events of the entire wedding planning.

But an even more compelling reason to choose hotels as the venue concerns the convenience of foreign and/or out-of-town guests. Your overseas witnesses will appreciate the fact that you have spared them from transportation costs since the event is just an elevator ride from their bedrooms.

You can even take advantage of discounted rates if you have plenty of guests booking in your chosen hotel. Hotel Albuquerque, for example, is one of the many resorts in New Mexico that falls under the national average price range and it already includes catering and alcohol expenses.

Country Club

Country clubs are attractive wedding venues because they have both the scenic outdoors and the sophisticated (often minimalistic) indoors. In fact, the country club is one of the most versatile indoor-outdoor places when it comes to dealing with sudden weather changes (rain or fog). This venue usually offers all-inclusive and contingency-friendly packages that make it less stressful in terms of handling unanticipated adjustments.

While private golf courses often give an impression of high social esteem, there are country clubs that charge consumer-friendly wedding venue prices. One perfect example of such venue that already includes catering and beverage cost (for a minimum of around $7,700) is the Country Club of Missouri in St. Louis.


Restaurants not only serve as an archetypal place for occasional fine-dining. It is also one of the most affordable (or more like cost-efficient) types of wedding venue around. But unlike other locations, restaurants aren’t designed to accommodate a huge guest list. Think of it as a micro-sized banquet hall that excels in other areas.

Speaking of excellence, the most obvious reason for choosing a restaurant concerns the need to serve exceptional meals. Many establishments have incorporated other entertainment amenities in their complex, just like the 3 Restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts. For as low as $5,700, all 125 guests can feast on lavish meals and hang loose (if not get wild) on the dance floor.


The beach is one of the most predominant venues that capture the idea of a destination wedding, for better or worse. One of the most glaring disadvantages of choosing this type of location has a lot to do with travel arrangements, especially if you’re thinking of getting married in a foreign country. A plane ticket from Los Angeles to the exotic Bora Bora could be as high as $6,000 per person!

The greatest payoff in terms of choosing a beach wedding is that it can always be the same venue for your honeymoon. Vacations in distant countries like the Philippines isn’t so expensive considering the local cost of living relative to the dollar exchange ($1 US = PHP 50).

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Just like the country club wedding, choosing the winery for your venue is also another way to combine the rustic and the elegant. Wine plantations are alternative landscapes that also capture the typical American countryside. Such low-temperature rural areas abound with cozy bed & breakfast lodges rigged with fireplaces.

Both the indoor cellar halls and outdoor vineyards are excellent sites for photo sessions. But if there is any advantage more worth mentioning, it is the fact that you can say goodbye to expensive open bar fees. You can have a memorable celebration at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California, spending anywhere between the broad price range of $4, 212 and $28,007.

Museum or Library

Whoever says wedding festivities hold little to no educational value has never experienced celebrating nuptials in a place of higher (public) learning. Guests won’t suffer a shortage of smart conversations (or quieter and more retrospective entertainment) when you have a plethora of books, artifacts, statues and artworks that nearly cover every corner of the building interiors.

But there is more to ‘erudite statement’ when it comes to this type of venue. Its greatest practical advantage has a lot to do with zero spending on decorations. Just like a historic home, every existing ornamental item ought to stay in its proper place – never to be moved or tampered.

The Tsakopoulos Library Galleria in Sacramento (California) hosts weddings for as low as around $5,400. Such a minimum estimate does not cover the expenses for alcohol and other catering extras usually included in the overall wedding receptions costs.

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